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Healthy Pregnancy


Children are a blessing from the Lord (Ps. 127:3) and He has supplied us with everything needed for a healthy and full term pregnancy in this present age. Unfortunately, as in virtually every area of health, and in spite of modern “medical advancement”, we live in an era where even the most affluent are devastated by death and disease. This is truest for the most helpless among us: our children. Miscarriages are very common in the United States, occurring in 15-20% of pregnancies [1]. In fact, the US has the highest infant mortality rate in the world among developed nations [2]. With scientific research and resources at our fingertips, we must aspire to a brighter future for our children. That starts as each family makes it a priority to enable the amazing miracle that is their human body to operate as designed, beginning at the cellular level- from the moment of conception onward.


There are many realities in our world today that undermine a healthy pregnancy. Toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients saturate our food supply. Pesticides and heavy metals in our environment are well-established to be seriously harmful substances for full-grown adults, and much more so for growing babies. They are found almost everywhere: from the water we drink to the air we breathe. These biological poisons obstruct our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Combined with the staggering absence of nutrition in our food supply to begin with, as well as sub-optimal hormone balance, the odds are not favorable for a vulnerable human fetus. Many factors daily hinder the ideal environment for promoting physical quality of life for the next generation. The good news is that there are many things we can do to end the trends and avoid common tragedy.  chronic infertility, impaired development, and susceptibility to disease of all forms.


Dr. Arthur Furst, the world’s leading toxicologist, pioneered decades of research to determine the human body’s ability to prevent and counteract the effects of cellular toxicity solely through whole food nutrient intake [3,4]. Proper nutritional education is key because it is so ingrained in the minds of Westerners that pregnancy just “happens” and is not something to mindfully prepare for [5]. While scientific evidence clearly delineates the absolute necessity to maximize whole food building blocks for health at the cellular level, even pre-conception, many suffer under the false assumption that poor diet does not affect health. Today, we must be increasingly proactive to ensure healthy, full-term pregnancies from the outset.


A human body subsisting on processed and genetically-modified food from a drive-up window or lining the inner aisles of grocery stores is not merely nutrient-deficient, but toxin-laden. Convenience cloaked in colorfully-marketed boxes, bags and cans, can only do so much. Our body was omnisciently designed to require a myriad of vitamins, minerals, cofactors, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, water, rest, sunshine, and more. These are found in the clean, pesticide-, antibiotic-, additive-, and toxin-free outdoors which God created. If you don’t know where your food is coming from and what the words on the ingredient list mean, I advise you to think twice. Check out this previous article to find out why there are many reasons that even switching to eating mostly fresh, whole foods may leave you in need of several key nutrients. Dr. Cate Shanahan,  who is well studied in molecular biology, even goes so far as to say that most Americans are malnourished [6]! This is where supplements and lifestyle modifications are very helpful; essential in many cases.


Factory-made synthetic supplements are unable to contain the wide variety of cofactors, isomers, and components of all the vitamins and minerals our bodies require. When our body is under stress, and to a greater degree, forming a child, its nutritional requirements are much higher. If there are not ample reserves in the mother’s body when the child is being formed in the womb, the body will always favor the baby and take from the mother’s bones and everywhere else minerals and vitamins are stored; at times even this is not enough. The first ten weeks are the most critical in a woman’s pregnancy and this is often when women are not yet aware that they are pregnant or should be taking a whole food, complete prenatal supplement. There are many of us that are not aware of general nutritional requirements and this lack of knowledge and education in our culture can sadly be a part of causing birth defects, learning difficulties, and many other unfortunate outcomes. I say this not to sound harsh or make anyone feel guilty but just to make the point that knowledge really is powerful and very effective when applied properly.  Dr. Shanahan admits that while most doctors recommend prenatals before and during pregnancy, the majority of pregnant mothers tested for nutrient deficiencies lack adequate amounts of B Vitamins and vitamins A and D, along with Omega III fatty acids, choline (essential for prenatal and newborn nutrition) and others, despite taking prenatal vitamins [3]. Therefore, whole food supplementation is essential, especially during pregnancy.


There is Hope


A healthy pregnancy begins long before conception. It is a great undertaking to build a new person from just the genetic instructions a sperm and egg provide in our processed-food society  in which nutrients are scarce. For example, folate prevents neural tube defects and premature birth [7]. Omega III fatty acids nourish and build a baby’s brain and eyes and can help prevent allergies [8]. Some studies have even shown that they can prevent postpartum depression [8] . Extra Iron is needed to make adequate hemoglobin to supply oxygen to the baby. Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D are required to build the baby’s bone structure in order to not deplete the mother’s bones and lead to osteoporosis [9]. Lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, watermelon and other red and pink fruits and veggies, which can help prevent pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth retardation [10, 11] . This and 14 other carotenoids can be found in the Carotenoid Complex and in many colorful fruits and veggies to boost the mother’s immune system (which is depressed during pregnancy) and also protect heart health [12]. Protein is also essential during pregnancy and 75 to 100 grams are required daily [13]!  Getting plenty of sleep, water, and moderate exercise is also crucial, according to the “Wellness Mama,” a very knowledgeable and experienced nutrition blogger, and mother of 5 healthy children [14].This information is meant to inform you, not to overwhelm you, because knowledge is power; education is key to being the best we can be.


These nutrients are all found in food, but can be a challenge to acquire in a clean and unadulterated form. Let’s be honest, it takes significant time, sacrifice and effort to find and properly prepare local, organic, and non-GMO foods for ourselves and our families. This is not always practical in our busy, driven lifestyles without making other sacrifices. It is definitely worth-it and do-able, and this is where Neolife supplements are also indispensable to help fill in the holes left by our current diets. It may require a long, hard look at what you are putting in your body and even keeping track of it in a food journal to realize that all the processed foods, sugar, and who-knows-what-else that we can’t pronounce on the back of a bag, which are not a sustainable way to live. My husband and I had to reassess what we were putting in our bodies and we are very thankful to have been able to find and regularly use Neolife among making other changes before we got pregnant. If you want to hear more about our personal journey in this regard watch *this* video.


While there are increased nutritional needs during pregnancy, many have found convenient and affordable solutions to help fulfill these daily requirements. This includes beyond- organically sourced, easily assimilated protein, whole grains, brain-building omega III’s from chemical-free wild-caught fish, nutrient-dense fresh organic fruits and veggies. Concentrated versions of all of these are found in our trusted Neolife supplements. Soon-to-be moms can have great support for a healthy pregnancy from Neolife supplements, along with the information we provide at Neolife Nutrition about obtaining whole food nutrients in a convenient and affordable way. Be sure to check with your doctor before adding anything to your pregnancy nutrient and supplement regimen. To Note: this is not an exhaustive list of what will aid healthy pregnancy and please consult with your doctor before trying any new health regimens.



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The Perfection of Protein… and Beyond

As with every area of nutrition, the average person in the modern world is suffering from significant deficiencies. This is in spite of an overabundance of calories in our diet, and overwhelming scientific consensus. Protein deficiency is one of the most basic daily challenges. This may be a surprise considering the staggering amount of conventional meat and dairy consumption in the west. What are we missing? The problem lies in lack of whole food nutrients and low quality choices. The majority of people simply don’t prioritize nutrition, and many more are getting ripped off by deceptive products. This means that you must choose your food and supplements wisely, trusting your health only to those based in nature, backed by third-party verified scientific research. Let’s zoom in on how protein effects your life and how can you end the deadly trends in your family.

Quality protein quite literally determines physical quality of life. Most products and consumers are only concerned with muscle-building amino acids, but lack the bigger picture. This is important since you are not only made of muscle, but need protein for all your cells, tissues, organs and system functions. As we mention in What to Look for in a Protein, it is critical to find a source that is biologically complete. A true “health product” doesn’t settle to deliver only the essentials, but goes above and beyond to deliver the maximum. How does NeoLife Shake do this?

To get the ideal ratios of long, medium, and short (or branched) chain amino acids, NeoLife Shake combines a proprietary blend of beyond-organic, non-genetically-modified soy and dairy proteins. This provides the complete profile of all 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition. Your body needs these for maintenance as well as protection against disease. The NeoLife-exclusive Protogard process facilitates maximum protein absorption and utilization through low-temperature processing adding indispensable plant-based digestive enzymes. This means that delicate molecules are not denatured or destroyed as with other processes like pasteurization. This technology earns NeoLife a stellar Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.73. PDCAAS is the method preferred by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as well as the World Health Organization, for measuring the quality of protein [3]. 1.0 is considered a perfect score (an uncooked egg-white or heirloom, fermented soy) and NeoLife rises above with the highest score yet to be found on the market, considered “better-than-perfect”.

Because NeoLife Shake it is intended to serve as a meal replacement, it includes 35% of your daily value of a broad spectrum of 25 essential vitamins and minerals. Another exclusive, Neo-Plex Concentrate provides powerful whole food antioxidants from citrus bioflavonoids. Think of it as eating 2 fresh oranges with your balanced breakfast! Also included are choline and inositol, powerful lipotropic factors that increase fat mobilization and simultaneously resist fat build-up. Combined with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) from grass-fed whey, your body is supplied with the essentials for building lean muscle mass.

For those trying to control appetite and battle hunger cravings, 5 grams of fiber keep you satiated. Heart healthy soluble fiber sources combined with digestive-friendly insoluble fibers regulate the gut-brain connection. This happens with the incorporation of appetite-suppressing hormones that work with the physical stimulation factor of fiber to promote fullness. Most notably for fat burning and energy, NeoLife’s long-patented Glycemic Response technology is also fundamental because it keeps your body in the ‘glycemic control zone,’ preventing spikes in blood sugar or the dreaded ‘crash’ that follows nutrient-void foods that comprise most dietary choices. Your body is enabled to burn stored fat, while preventing future storage. For this reason, this shake is a perfect prescription for the diabetes epidemic, enabling the body maintain healthy blood sugar levels, utilize fat, and eliminate cravings [4].


There is no actual sugar in the Shake in the sense that we normally think about it. Sugar is included on the label as a part of listing carbohydrate breakdown. NeoLife Shake uses small quantities of stevia to cut down sugar intake with cutting-edge technology of natural flavoring systems from whole foods [5]. At the same time, long-lasting carbohydrates fuel energy and spare proteins for their specialized cellular functions.

Whether you want to simply mix it with water or add some fruit for a delicious smoothie, NeoLife Shake is the smart, healthy way to give your body a complete meal that isn’t loaded with toxic artificial ingredients, fats and calories. It has the perfect ratio of protein:carbs:fiber that have been clinically shown in real-world studies to stabilize blood sugar levels, build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and promote gut-brain satiety signaling [6]. NeoLife Shake is the ideal whole food meal for the busy 21st century lifestyle where quality food choices are hard to come by. It embodies convenience and affordability without compromising integrity. What’s in your diet?


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Smoothie in your face

Smoothie Recipes


Smoothies are a convenient and healthy way to make whole food meals packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants and energy-boosting nutrients. They are easy to digest, full of raw enzymes that make them more bioavailable for your cells. When made with NeoLife Shake protein, your smoothie will include every single enzyme humanly-necessary to break down and absorb nutrients because this powder is unique with all 22 amino acids. Used for building the plethora of hormones and antibodies you need every day as we have overviewed before, you’re also getting the broad range of food-based vitamins and minerals your body requires. What’s more, it contains the optimal amount of soluble fiber that makes it a superior stand-alone meal with only water. All that being said, it’s never a bad idea to boost your nutritional intake! Simply blend up one of these recipes that we have come to love for a satisfying and delicious meal or treat that your cells will go bananas over!


– 8 oz of almond milk or coconut milk
– 2 scoops of Berry NeoLife Shake or 1 packet
– 1 frozen banana (not for weight loss or blood sugar issues)
– 1⁄2 to 1 cup fresh or frozen organic blueberries, strawberries or mixed berries
– 10 walnuts and almonds
– 4 ice cubes

– 8 oz of almond or coconut milk
– 2 scoops of Vanilla NeoLife Shake or 1 packet
– 1 frozen banana (not for weight loss or blood sugar issues)
– 10 walnuts and almonds
– 1 tsp cinnamon, 1⁄2 tsp ginger, 1⁄2 tsp nutmeg (Sprinkle some on top, too)
– 4 ice cubes

– 8 oz of almond or coconut milk
– 2 scoops of Chocolate NeoLife Shake or 1 packet
– Organic decaf coffee- swiss processed, or 1 packet of Starbucks via instant
– 10 walnuts and almonds
– 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp vanilla for Mexican coffee flavor
– 4 ice cubes

– 8-12 oz of water or coconut water (depending on how thick you prefer it)
– 2 scoops of Vanilla NeoLife Shake or 1 packet
– 3/4 cup of chopped organic spinach or kale
– 1/8 cup or small handful of nuts and seeds mix: almonds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.
– 1/4 avocado, peeled and pit removed
– 1/2-1 Tbsp Organic, virgin Coconut oil
– 1/2 frozen banana
– 4 ice cubes

Other Variations:
– Add 2+ long leaves of kale or farm-fresh spinach to any recipe for a nutritional boost.
– Try adding only fruit to the Vanilla Shake, such as peaches or mangos.
– add coconut

Optional Toppings:
– trail mix: sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cranberries, other nuts
– unsweetened coconut flakes or shreds
– sliced bananas or berries
– homemade or slow-toasted granola

*Always best to use organic and non-GMO foods and spices!


Why is supplementation necessary?

Is an apple a day enough to keep the doctor away? Are the nutrients you are giving your body through food adequate to sustain its ~75 trillion cells with varying needs and specific vitamin and mineral requirements? Sadly, very few Americans can truthfully answer affirmatively. The food that we are eating today is entirely different from the food our grandparents and great-grandparents consumed. The toxic burden on our bodies is also much greater [1]. But having a vibrant, healthy life is not a lost cause. Making informed decisions and increasing the nutrient density of your diet will go a long way in preventing disease, providing our burdened bodies with what they require at the cellular level. Whole food nutrition is the best way to prevent disease and promote vitality for a sustained life, and supplementation in this vein is critical.

Many people would prefer to get their nutrients solely from food. This desire is one that we share at NeoLife Nutrition, but unfortunately it would be very difficult to fully implement in today’s world. Over the past few decades, some people have suspected and even experienced the ineffectiveness of the vast majority of the supplements on the market. There are clear reasons why the many impotent products out there do not produce the expected results, which we will continue to cover in this article series.

Ideally, one would be able to consume the necessary daily requirements of all macro and micronutrients from food, but there are several reasons this is no longer attainable for the modern westerner. Various soil studies have shown that the mineral content of the soils in the United States has been exhausted significantly since the 1940’s. This is due to overuse of the soils throughout the years and the widespread use of cheap NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) fertilizers since WWII [2,3]. Even in 1936 the US government acknowledged, thanks to the work of Dr. Charles Northern, that the soil was already greatly deprived of nutrients, leaving our food as a sad excuse for the nourishment God created [4]. What we are consuming today no longer contains the amount and proper balance of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids as it once did, leaving our cells sorely deprived as a result. Furthermore, the over-cooked and highly processed ingredients that make up most American diets are largely stripped of any nutrients they contained prior to processing, hence earning the common title of “dead food” [5]. These processes not only strip food of vitamins and minerals, but additionally other key nutrients such as the lipids and sterols found in staple grains. The lack of sufficient amounts of these vital components of food have far-reaching effects on the health of our cells.

According to data compiled by the USDA, at least 40% of Americans receive no more than 60% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of each of ten key nutrients in their diet [9].veggies So many Americans by and large do not receive our daily required amount of nutrients because we are not consuming sufficient amounts of a wide variety of raw, organically-grown, non-hybridized or gene-spliced fruits and vegetables [6], not to mention foods like truly whole grains, and toxin-free fish. Consider that RDA’s were established as a minimum baseline for borderline health to prevent the onset of nutrient deficiency diseases, not the amounts needed for optimal health for unique individuals with varying nutritional needs. A pregnant woman or someone battling an existing disease has increased demands on the body for bioavailable nutrients [5]. In short, our food in America (and many parts of the world today) leaves us bereft of adequate nutrition.

Working serious overtime in the current environment, our cells not only fight off disease but also metabolize and deal with countless toxins. Poisonous substances found in food, water, air and household cleaning as well as personal care products are often vitamin and mineral antagonists. They inhibit the absorption of many crucial nutrients from our diet. Optimal nutrition is not simply composed of a good diet. Our complex absorption and digestive systems need to draw the nutrients out of the food and successfully deliver them to our cells. Minerals are involved in every single chemical reaction in the body, including cellular metabolism for usable energy. If minerals and vitamins are blocked by antagonists and not absorbed in sufficient amounts, a host of diseases can occur [7]. For example, a lack of vitamin B6 in the body can result in heart problems, pregnancy complications, PMS, diabetes, kidney stones, and other issues. The B6 antagonists include herbicides, countless medications, FD&C Yellow No. 5 coloring agent (used in pickles and other foods), PCBs, and many more [5]. Is what you are consuming actually benefitting your cells or is some of it perhaps causing a reverse effect?

If we respect and care for our God-given bodies, we need to act accordingly. We are left wondering how to make up for the lack in our diets, which leads us to the use of carefully informed and proven supplementation. This entails several important factors, such as finding minerals that are chelated and vitamins that are derived only from human-chain whole foods instead of lab-produced synthetics or singled-out isolates [7]. Chelation and particular “double chelation” binds each mineral to amino acids as they would come in food so that they body can absorb them up to 60% more than if they are not chelated [8]. Whole food supplements provide your body with vitamins that are easily recognized and properly utilized. These nutrients must be bioavailable, biocompatible, and from the human food chain. Krill oil, wood, and coral, for example, are not human foods! What you take must also be free of contaminants, such as those that can be found in fish from which fish oil supplements are derived [5]. You would not want to be buying cheap, generic supplements and give your body counterfeit nutrients in the form of pond scum, tree bark, weeds, or inedible fish guts loaded with toxic substances would you? Unfortunately, these and many other unthinkable cheap materials are all too often used today in the unregulated supplement industry, deceiving those who loyally take products expecting some benefit.

Are you regularly getting everything your cells require for long-term optimal health? If you’re interested in learning more about bridging these important nutritional gaps, keep following our blog and Facebook page and feel free to respond with a comment or contact us so that we can help you to be your best!


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How to Be an Effective Juicer

How to be an Effective Juicer

Three quarters of the US population are severely deprived of the critical nutrients that prevent chronic disease. If we are to see a decline in the epidemic of diet-related illnesses, we must begin by giving our bodies the nutrition they require. Juicing is an efficient tool you can use to get the maximum nutrition out of your dollar. The food pyramid tells us we should have a minimum of five servings of vegetables a day, but according to the Center for Disease Control only 27% of Americans consume three servings daily . How are you going to meet this essential quota in your diet? Through juicing regularly, you can inexpensively and efficiently consume the amount of vegetables recommended by world experts.

Juicing fresh vegetables makes a profound impact on our lives, not only providing us with abundant energy, but in preventing illnesses like the common cold. Because most vegetables have a high nutrient content, a proper diet necessitates more servings of vegetables than fruit; most Americans do the opposite . Furthermore, common vegetables, such as carrots, beets and celery, contain insoluble fiber, making them impractical and less beneficial to eat raw because your body cannot absorb the nutrients from them. So lets build our foundation on the wellness pyramid with cellular nutrition found in juicing these amazing whole foods. Currently, juicing is one of the fastest growing movements to combat the effects of Chronic disease (link chronic disease article) in America. The focus in this article and it’s accompanying video is how to be an effective juicer. This process has 3 simple steps :

  • Preparing the raw vegetables
  • Extracting the nutrients with the juicer
  • Cleaning the juicer quickly

Preparing your vegetables for juicing is the most important step. Peeled apples are an ideal go-to fruit to add desirable flavor for any vegetable juice. You can see in our video that as you scrape the apple peel with a flat-bladed knife that it is coated in a petroleum-grade wax to increase shelf life; please take 20 seconds to get rid of this toxin! Be sure to use organic apples, preferably green (Granny Smith), which are distinguished by their tart flavor, because of a lower sugar content. They also have higher flavonoid content and are the least modified from their original form. As for the vegetables and anything else you won’t be peeling, be sure to wash all of them, even organic, to remove harmful pesticides. Because of the industrial use of surfactants to minimize the applications of chemicals to crops, rinsing your produce in water will NOT get this waterproof poison off. This is where NeoLife Nutrition stands out among the juicing community- primarily in the method of washing we use. You MUST use something other than petroleum-based soap, like the popular “Vegetable Wash” spray bottle found in grocery and health food stores. We use Green, a kelp-based protein wash with a neutral pH from a trusted company with a globally-renowned reputation for safety, quality and honesty in labelling. For more info on washes, see this article.

Next, you start with a star vegetable like kale. Essentially the most nutrient-dense food on the planet, kale has an NDI (Nutrient Density Index) score of 1000 (on a scale of 1000) . Compare that with the average soda like Coke, which scores a 1, and you see that we are in a lot of trouble when people drink soda regularly but rarely consume this widely-available, super nutritious green plant. Due to their superior benefits and incredible price, large, leafy-green veggies like kale, chard and collard greens should be a staple in any juicing regimen. You should always buy organic (see EWG shopper’s guide) and locally at farmer’s market whenever possible.

Another great addition to your veggie concoction is cucumber, full of alkaline properties to detoxify your body and eliminate fat cells. Cucumbers produce high liquid volume, effective for hydration that satisfies and sustains you. Much more could be said about this amazing food, and again it should be organic. Never buy long, genetically modified “English cucumbers” and wash your cucumber in Green. You can leave the peel on when you juice as the most beneficial detoxifying properties are found therein. You may have to scrub a store-bought one to remove its thicker chemical wax. The last core juicing vegetable we will mention here is carrot, which contains powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants known as carotenoids (specifically whole-food beta-carotene). Buy carrots with the green sprouts still attached to be sure they have not been sprayed with budnip . However, do not juice these greens as they may contain a toxin, but cut them off just before washing. See this video to check out our favorite carrot blend.

The next step is juice extraction- the fun part!  A centrifugal juicer, which is the most efficient and affordable for the beginner, essentially grinds the liquid out of the fiber, ejecting the pulp. See this demonstration on how to juice. For tough but juicy veggies, a juicer is your best friend to separate the indigestible fiber from the nutrients found in the liquid. Now, you can deliver predigested, bioavailable nutrients directly into your cells for immediate assimilation. Our stomachs alone take much longer to accomplish this same process. Eating celery, for example, provides very little nutrients because of how difficult it is for our body to break down. With a juicer, you can harness the powerful nutrients from a horse food like a carrot. Since the juicing process itself is very speedy with a good centrifugal juicer, quick cleaning should also be a goal for effectiveness.

I like to call juicing “fast-food nutrition”, because even the cleaning process can be easy. I always clean my juicer before I actually drink my juice to prevent it from drying out. In turn I’m motivated by the fact that I need to drink the juice as quickly as possible to get the rapidly oxidizing nutrients into my system. These are raw nutrients here, not a jug of sugary, pasteurized orange juice! You saw how quickly I disassembled and cleaned my juicer with ease. You’ll also notice that I put a small plastic bag in the container to skip having to clean it out and prevent the pulp from stinking up the trash. You can also compost the pulp or use it in baking carrot bread, for example. Really, the only technical step is cleaning the basket and blade, for which you’ll need a brush. Scrub the blade well then gently brush the mesh to make this most important component last. A speedy clean-up is all you have to perfect to have a fast, effective method for juicing.

Now that you know how to juice properly, you can research the abundant testimonies about the curing power of fresh juice. The bottom line established by every healthy cultural and scientific authority from ancient times until now is that we all need more vegetables in our diet, whether the guideline is the Bible, the Government, a respected university or a champion athlete. I would also mention here that I spent about $5 on all my produce for this juice, which actually has several bioavailable servings. Referring back to my personal testimony, I have by and large prevented sickness and disease without visiting the doctor, taking drugs or getting a vaccine of any kind in several years! And I have friends and family who have utilized juicing to beat cancer and other serious health issues. Choose your food wisely to develop healthy cravings for nutrition. Remember the 3 simple steps for efficient juicing: prepare your produce carefully, juice it properly, and make your cleanup speedy. If you successfully accomplish these steps, you will maintain vibrant health and have a daily process for getting your fruits and veggies. I hope my demo of how to be an effective juicer was both enjoyable and informative. To your health!

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The Fundamental Question of Health

The facts are obvious – we have a health crisis. We live in the most affluent country in the world where we have access to the some of the healthiest and most delicious foods year-round. Our constitution was designed in such a way to establish God-given rights and provide the platform for a sustainable, productive society with a bright future. But freedom in all areas of life requires responsibility and maintaining the worldview that we are created for a purposeful life in every aspect – spiritual, mental and physical. The way we treat our bodies reflects the way we treat many things in life. We act as if they do not operate purposefully. Our national debt is crushed under ever-increasing healthcare costs. Chronic disease is the leading cause of death, affecting every one of our families. Yet we constantly neglect the reality that the the most privileged and advanced nation in history is consuming itself to ruin out of ignorant complacency.

  • My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6
  • Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained. Proverbs 28:19
  • The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense. Proverbs 10:21

Its the 21st century! We live in the light of remarkable scientific understanding and advancement. In fact, if we were to steward our resources in a God-glorifying manner and use sound discernment, we would live longer, healthier and more energized and informed lives than any people in history. It’s high time we repent before it’s too late to recover. We live in a free country (for now) and have incredible potential. Thus we have the prerogative to discipline ourselves. As most of you know, nutrition is a passion of mine and has made a huge impact in my life and many of those close to me over the last few years. However, science-based, whole-food nutrition is something that everyone struggles to understand in a clear and validated manner. This is the outcome of overly busy lifestyles, and unlimited easy access to instant gratification of our appetites for addictive, processed, nutrient-void foods. It is extremely hard to sift through and make time for a comprehensive, yet applicable understanding of nutrition, which is simply the understanding of how our bodies build and maintain themselves through food. Not only that, but the predominant western outlook on medicine and the American medical system feed on a culture that is chronically diseased and ignorant in order to maintain continual profit. Corporations, hospitals and governments get rich off of an uninformed and gluttonous population. But what about the average person who desires to be truly healthy? The question we must each ask ourselves:

Do I live to eat, or eat to live?

Everyone I talk to, whether doctors or pharmacists, working students or housewives, has some serious health issue in their family, even if they are health conscious. If we do know how the body works, it is often so that we can know how to treat its symptoms with chemical drugs and short-term remedies. We don’t know how to read our own body’s sign language, so we assign our autoimmune and chronic diseases to “genetics”, bad luck, or family medical history. But the fundamental question we fail to ask is, what makes the body work? Even worse, we do not demand that our medical and regulatory authorities answer this question for us, much less educate ourselves in cellular nutrition. When people do give heed to the validity of alternatives that result from answering the most basic of questions, they google and meander through the infinite number of “nutrition” blogs and fitness coaches out there for advice. But without the proper framework and a basic starting point, it’s no wonder we walk away confused. After failing to prevent chronic disease by spending billions of dollars on endless pharmaceutical concoctions, it’s even more depressing to get nothing when we turn to well-marketed supplements, and suffer from cancer and heart disease even when we exercise regularly and take vitamins. How do our bodies build and maintain essential structures from the cellular level? Why is this the most critical question we must ask for our health? As we head into this new year and fight for the future of our country and health, our desire at Neolife Nutrition is to provide people with the most authoritative resources on whole food nutrition that is based in nature and backed by science. We invite you to check out our blog and Facebook page regularly, attend a workshop in your area, and contact us directly to join on a journey of cellular health via whole food nutrition:

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It’s a fact: you cannot get all the nutrition your body needs from the food available to most Americans today. We have become the most overfed, undernourished nation on the planet. The modern day epidemics of diet-related illness that plague our society all boil down to one simple need: better nutrition. But the task of becoming nutritionally informed to make perfect shopping choices can easily become overwhelming and time-consuming. Everyone acknowledges the problem, but who has the solution?

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Your Responsibility in Health and Prevention

Non-communicable diseases are largely preventable, but we tend to think health is out of our control – simply a twist of fate that is determined by our genetic makeup. On the contrary, we have a large amount of responsibility over the state of our body. It is the most valuable resource on the planet – a temple of the Living God! When it comes to lifestyle-related diseases, we are in an age where science has proven, through progress in areas like epigenetics and cellular nutrition, that we can have confidence that the human body has the power to overcome certain genetic predispositions and reverse disease from the inside .

Health is defined as “freedom from physical disease or pain” . Poor health directly impacts our ability not only to live our lives normally, but to be energized and productive stewards. How our body functions directly correlates to the degree to which we are caring for and nourishing it. The universal need of every living creature, the most complex being humans, is nutrition. Nutrition is defined as the process by which organisms take in and utilize food material . Genes can be “turned on” or “turned off” by different causes in the body.

For example, cancer is caused by a malfunction that begins at the cellular level with DNA. It causes overgrowth of the cells due to the DNA chain being exposed and damaged. These cells are made “susceptible” by exposure to carcinogens, which come in contact with our cells via chemicals, air pollution, tobacco smoke, pesticides, overcooked or charred meat, rancid oils, radiation and other things that have been shown to produce free radicals that damage cellular components. Countless pesticides (herbicides, fungicides, rodent-killers etc.) have been shown by numerous studies to be carcinogenic, usually with a long-term effect on humans through dietary intake. However, the magnitude of impact both long-term and immediate is widely unknown as new varieties of these toxins are constantly released into our food and water supply without public knowledge. Because no long-term clinical trials are conducted before these chemicals are approved for use on crops, such as corn, soy and wheat, we have no consistent way to measure the degree of their detrimental impact. It is certain that there is a link, but until there are some regulations and a new approach to defining “safe” we must take active responsibility to safeguard our own families. In other words, we really do pick our poison .

How do we avoid putting toxic and carcinogenic pesticides into our body, you might ask? Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in addition to pesticides and herbicides, have many known and unknown detrimental effects on the human body. A great way to begin avoiding these is to know which crops are most commonly GMO and to buy the Certified Organic or heirloom foods. It is important that something labeled “organic” is certified by an independent, authoritative organization, keeping that company accountable to ensure accurate labeling. The most common GMO crops are canola, corn, soy, sugar beets, papaya and cotton . Don’t be fooled – you may think cotton is only grown for making fabrics, but cottonseed oil is more than likely in your coffee creamer! And let’s not forget all the products that come from animals fattened with GMO feed: beef, poultry, pork, dairy, eggs, etc. Being more conscious about the food we put in our bodies can play a huge role in disease prevention and therefore increased vitality for years to come.

Additionally, the choices you make when choosing a vitamin or other supplement have similarly impactful consequences. Try to select only whole food based, organically-sourced supplements over isolates (single extracted nutrient) or even worse – synthetic lab-produced supplements. Look for future articles on supplementation for more information about why this is important and how to read supplement labels.

Are you living with a preventable disease?

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Anybody up for a game of genetic roulette?

It would be difficult to read through the news or flip through the documentary section on Netflix today without encountering the debate over genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. It is even more difficult to find products on American supermarket shelves today that don’t contain genetically modified ingredients. Genetically engineered (GE) or genetically modified (GM) foods have become very prevalent in our society, but are they actually good for you? What is a GMO? Are you consuming them without knowing it? Is it even possible to avoid them? These are all questions I hope to clarify for you in this article.

What are GMO’s?

Genetic modification is a relatively new concept to human history and involves transferring a desired gene from one organism to an unrelated organism . Biotechnology companies in the United States, the most powerful being Monsanto, have now engineered GM foods such as “Bt Corn”, which contains an insecticide gene from a caterpillar-killing bacterium. This and other similar engineering has been done for many stated reasons, such as producing more durable crops in order to increase food production domestically as well as in impoverished countries. However, when you look at the situation is those impoverished countries, it is clear that profit for the biotechnology companies is the primary factor driving their research and cutthroat business practices, and not the interest of the poor. In fact, it has been observed that impoverished countries typically cannot even afford to implement these new technologies . Initially, Monsanto claimed that GM foods were not harmful to humans, because we can choose what we eat and the new genes from these foods cannot assimilate into the human body once it is digested. Since the wide release of GM foods into the diet of many people, alarming studies have been done indicating otherwise.

In the GM food engineering process bacteria are used to amplify the desired gene and transfer it to the new species. There are also bacteria present in the human gut. It is now shown to be possible for the harmful, insecticide genes to insert themselves into our intestinal flora, creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can lead to un-treatable sickness, and insecticide-producing bacteria living inside our stomachs , . There are likely many other unknown effects of these new genes in our diet. Allergies to foods such as soy and peanuts are becoming quite prevalent and this is likely due to the DNA literally rearranging itself, after the initial transgene insertion, in ways that were not predicted before releasing these foods to the market . The engineers of these new foods do not know the side effects of what they are creating, since there are no long-term, in-depth studies done on the GM foods before they are released to the market. The ironic thing is that these GM foods grown with thousands of pounds of pesticides are now known as “conventional,” which means traditional or customary. I would consider these engineered foods far from traditional because as far as I know, the founders of this country and even our great grandparents did not assimilate carcinogenic and deadly pesticides and genes into the food they fed their children.

Have these foods been studied?

Numerous animal studies have been done showing shocking results. GM tomatoes that produce stomach bleeding in rats, GM soy that produces mis-shapen liver nuclei, GM corn that causes chickens to die twice as fast as chickens fed non-GM corn, and pigs and cows that died prematurely after being fed GM corn. These studies on cows and pigs were compared with the animals under the same conditions but fed non-GM corn instead, and they lived the expected lifespan .

Several international studies have also recently shed some light on the issue. A study done by French researchers in 2009 found significant data suggesting the toxicity of GM corn fed to rats and compared it to studies carried out by Monsanto. Monsanto tested fewer variables, did not differentiate between male and female rats, and did not perform any long term trials on the rats fed GM corn. It also appears that they did not even attempt to determine if there would be side effects of eating GM food for an extended period of time. The French researchers, however, found negative effects especially on the kidney and liver, the organs responsible for detoxifying the body and therefore directly correlated to the animal’s diet .

One tactic used by Monsanto farmers is to use GMO seed that is modified to be unaffected by Roundup, a weed-killer widely used by consumers and industry alike. Roundup can then be sprayed liberally over entire fields all at once and it helps to kill everything except the GMO “Roundup-ready” crop, eliminating the need for large labor costs to carefully rid fields of weeds. Therefore, large amounts of this herbicide are consumed by animals and humans eating “Roundup-ready” crops regularly.

Some of the same researchers at the University of Caen in France as those involved in the 2009 study demonstrated in 2007 the toxicity of Roundup on human embryonic kidney cells . Roundup’s toxicity is due to its inhibition of a key component of the cycle that enables cells to make chemical energy from the food that enters the body. In case you’re dying to know, the molecule that Roundup inhibits is called succinate dehydrogenase, which I myself isolated from mouse liver cell mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouses) and tested in my cellular biology lab in college. It is a very well studied enzyme involved in two metabolic processes, the Citric Acid cycle and the electron transport chain, which are used to produce energy for the cell. I know from personal experience that it is a very crucial enzyme! The French study also found Roundup to alter the activity of the enzyme aromatase that plays a role in the body’s production of estrogen. These tests were done on cells taken from human placenta and equine testicles, and show that this herbicide, commonly found on GM crops today can have a direct impact on humans as well as animals. This reinforces other research that has been done to demonstrate that this and many other pesticides lead to the increasing infertility rates in our country .

So, am I eating GM foods?

Unless you’re taking radical measures to not do so, you almost certainly are. As of 2012, the official USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported the following amounts of GM production of the following crops in the US, counting all biotech varieties (insect resistant, herbicide resistant, and stacked gene) :

  • Soybeans – 93%
  • Corn – 88%
  • Cotton – 94%

Processed and packaged food products are so likely to contain GMO’s, it’s no wonder the food industry recently spent millions of dollars convincing Californians not to vote the GMO labeling Proposition 37 into law last year. Think of all the products that would have to be labeled!

How can I avoid these foods?

  • Buy non-GMO or USDA certified organic foods
  • Especially avoid non-organic foods with ingredients derived from commonly genetically modified foods such as soy lecithin, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, soy protein, etc.
  • Avoid non-organic dairy products

We will be revisiting this topic in a future article, when we explain the term “organic” and how it relates to GMO’s. In the meantime, check out the resources over at Organic Consumers Association if you’re looking for more detailed information to get you started on your journey in being a well-informed consumer.

Extra resources to check out:

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Defining Chronic Disease

When it comes to health statistics and problem solving for nutrition, it is essential to establish awareness of the epidemics that plague a society. In our case, that requires a clear definition of chronic disease. The reality is that more people die in America from diet-related diseases than any other cause; meaning, the average American is most likely to die from something that is preventable. That could be you. In examining universal health concerns for chronic disease, maintaining a healthy, nutritionally-balanced lifestyle is the individual’s gateway to a sustainable future.

A noncommunicable disease (NCD) is one that is not passed from person to person; it generally grows slowly but has long-lasting effects. Worldwide, 63% of deaths occur from NCDs . Health has many aspects and cannot be defined or determined by a single attribute, such as one’s weight or genetic predisposition. According to the Center for Disease Control, our diet and lifestyle can actually prevent devastating diseases . Other well-respected, large-scale organizations like the American Heart Association, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Diabetes Association, to name a few all give the same message: eating a healthy diet prevents, regulates and fights chronic disease in the human body.

Despite constant technological advancement which may give the illusion that our culture is continuing to thrive, the state of health in our nation is declining rapidly. In the U.S., over 55% of deaths are due to heart disease, cancer, and stroke, all of which are considered NCDs. International cancer statistics are dwarfed when compared to those of America, where this scourge has seen a consistent rise in the last several decades. A hundred years ago, cancer was practically unheard of. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, if things continue at the current rate, the number of cancer cases each year will increase 55% by 2030 .That means over 2.2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer annually. Let’s start by looking at the current state of things: According to the American Cancer Society, males have a 47% chance of getting cancer and females have a 38% chance . Close to 600,000 people die from cancer each year in the United States . However, cancer is only one slice of the deadly pie. We have all witnessed its devastating effects; however, if someone survives cancer, they still may have to deal with a more lethal adversary.

America is known for it’s skyrocketing rate of obesity and consequently, obesity-related deaths. The percentage of the obese population has doubled in the past 30 years. One in thirteen Americans have an autoimmune disorder. Diabetes has increased 70% in adults in their thirties . But health conditions like these don’t often exist without some more serious underlying cellular health issues. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease includes heart attack, stroke, heart failure, arrhythmia, heart valve disease, and congenital heart disease . It is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S. and is the number one global killer according to the World Health Organization . Anyone reading this article is more likely to die of heart disease than any other cause. How incredible – that means the primary cause of death throughout the world is preventable through diet!

It is hard to care much about what you put in your body when the consequences seem so far off in the future. Realizing that we don’t want to wait until we have a chronic condition, such as cancer or high blood pressure, before giving nutrition and lifestyle a second thought is crucial We all know and experience daily the obvious link between diet, exercise and health, but we seem to assume that chronic disease has an unperceived cause. Basic keys to prevention are quitting smoking, maintaining healthy homocysteine levels, lowering bad cholesterol, controlling high blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising. All of this is regulated by diet and lifestyle .

Dependent on an incomplete and symptom-based understanding of health, we are too often surprised when we are told that our “diseases” are incurable. But prevention is always the best solution and nutrition is preventative medicine. We cannot escape the fact that whatever goes into our body either helps or harms us. That may be a hard concept to grasp but logic, science and our bodies are screaming at us to face the truth. We cannot continue to trash our bodies, expecting miracle cures for chronic diseases. When we actively take responsibility for nourishing our complex bodies, they respond in kind.

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